The Warfield's Farming History

The Warfield Brothers Farm was established in 1959 by Kennard Warfield Jr. and Thomas Stuart Warfield.

The brothers worked together to become one of the prominent farming operations of the day and conquered many barriers along the way. It was the desire to survive and become something more than most predicted. They farmed nearly ten thousand acres at their peak during the 1970s, ’80s, and early '90s.  Along the way, many cows were milked, many beef cattle were cycled, and many bales of hay and straw were handled, but most of all, many crop acres were covered, and lots of grain was handled. With success comes declining amounts of energy as time elapses, and the operation had to be drawn back to preserve the quality of stewardship before the next generation was ready to step in accordingly.

Thomas and Kennard cannot be with us today, but they will always be the founding fathers of the operation and, within our hearts, a forever-loving memory.

Now, after almost twenty years, the next generation is prepared to take their turn at taking what was once a premier operation back to its glory days.

As Kennard Warfield Jr’s sons, Kennard Warfield III and John Stuart Warfield, continue the legacy that their father has kept in place, quality work will not be spared. Every task will be completed thoroughly, showing that true stewardship still exists in the next generation’s values.

For the Warfield family, a job well done is done right the first time. Any opportunity to serve the local farming community in Maryland is welcome.