Land Stewardship

Our Land Stewardship Goals

To improve the bay, all precautions are in play to conserve and improve for the future of the environment.
Using cover crops and keeping waterways established helps to conserve top soil for prosperous crops moving forward. While nutrients stay in the field, instead of washing away. No-till practices to reduce the possibility of erosion when it rains and keeping the hard pan broke is a tough task, but achievable. Keeping the trees trimmed back and the creek beds clear of sediment for proper flow is essential. Fertilizer and lime applications are done per only by what soil samples call for and that reduces waste. All liquid applications are performed on label and technology has allowed for single nozzle shutoff ability to reduce waste once again and save money on the bottom dollar. Being efficient with our resources is key to reducing pollution so our future youth may experience every bit of what previous generations have been able to.


Land Stewardship | Warfield Brothers Farm in Carroll County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Frederick County and Harford County, Maryland.